Capon menu

33,50 €/adult ( Aperitif and coffee included )

Homemade aperitif – Olives cake

Green salad and 3 homemade christmas charcuterie

Squash duo/ Green chard with its supreme & its spicy crunchy biscuits

Rosted Capon of the farm, stuffed and larded

Seasonal vegetables & Potatoes gratin

Goat & Cow Farm Cheese

Christmas Gourmet desserts

Or Birthday Cake Or Christlas log cake

Or The 13 desserts : (+ 1 € ttc) :

“Oreillettes”, Olive Oil brioche, Almond crunch, Quince paste, Gingerbread (homemade) White and black nougat, Nuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Grapes, Figs, Dates and Clementines


Coffee, Tea or Herbal Infusion

From 2 to 23 December

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