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A table !

A generous local cuisine for gourmet gourmands

From the vegetable garden of one hectare of field cultivated according to the principles of organic farming to cooking, salads, zucchini and other aubergines have only the lawn to cross to be cooked and simmer before being served to the dish by a dynamic team. Let’s not forget the poultry, which here, flow happy days for more than 4 months before …… Oooh! Hard reality, finish on your plates … ..and go the cycle of life ….

It can hardly be more locavore as consumption! Eat at home is to feast and make good things for the planet: 82% of the menu comes from our land and our farms …

The concept of Ferme Auberge which is ours for more than 20 years guarantees you:

  • Provencal cuisine in season (the real season: that of our region)
  • A unique menu
  • Cooked with the harvests of the farm
  • Prepared by the operator “Chef Vincent” and his team
  • Copiously served to the dish
  • In a friendly and generous atmosphere

But, what are we eating ?

The Classic menu that depends on the harvest and mood of Chef Vincent
1st Entry: usually cold
2nd entrance: warm in winter, cool in summer
Meat, Vegetables and Potatoes
Farm cheese platter of goat, cow and sheep
Gourmet plate or birthday cake (on request when booking)
Hot drink: coffee, tea or home brew

Or the theme menu that is based on the season and the mood of Mother Nature


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